Harry Potter was on TV when I left the house this morning: didn’t want to drag myself away! Weekends are very slow here, and it was especially quiet today for some reason unknown to us. I tried to upload photos onto the website, but the internet crashed every time.

Robin and I had a look around the handicrafts market after lunch, which took us all of about 30 minutes. We sat in Café Welchez for ages and ages reading.

Cafe Welchez

We met Jimmy and new girl Lauren on our way over to Tunkul’s that night, and hung out with them. After a few drinks we decided to check out a Halloween party we’d been told about. It was mostly gringos, and we were the only ones not dressed up! Some people put a lot of effort into their costumes too. There were about five Wonder Womans and a guy dressed as Wonder Bread, which seems to be something North American, since I was the only one who didn’t understand. After a few minutes we decided we were far too sober for this, and headed back to Tunkul’s.

Managed to get five Cuba Libres for 125 Lempiras: that’s less than 5 quid.

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