Today is the halfway point of my trip. Four weeks gone and four left. Hope you’re all missing me!

I took the taxi up to Keith’s to tell him I wasn’t going to work today. He wasn’t going either, so Nicola (old volunteer who has come back) had to go alone. We left for Gracias at 8am and arrived by 11am. Tip: if ever you’re in Honduras, try to avoid using toilets at service stations. Suddenly, I didn’t need to go so bad!

We found a hotel room for the four of us for 500 Lempiras, and then went up to Agua Termales (Thermal Water). It was nicer than Agua Caliente in Copan, but still the same basic principle: really big baths.

We came back to the hotel to shower and change, then went out for supper. I had a cereal licuado with mine, and it was absolutely delicious: like really sweet milk. We spoiled ourselves and had ice-cream after too. Walked around town for a while, then came back to the hotel and fell asleep reading. I finished Deception Point and moved onto George Orwell, Down and Out in Paris and London.

So Gracias is this little colonial town between Copan and Tegucigalpa. Lycette is one of the teachers in Guacamaya (the Spanish school) and she went to school in Gracias for three years, so we bumped into quite a few people she knows, and she was basically our guide.

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