No, I didn’t celebrate it, but I couldn’t think of another title, and I’m sure some of you guys did celebrate.

Breakfast this morning cost less than a pound. This place is even cheaper than Copan. We walked around town, visiting two churches and the castle, which had a really great view over the town and to the surrounding countryside. Not much of a castle though: not a patch on Denbigh Castle!

We watched some of The Longest Yard before check out time, went for lunch and left Gracias by 1:30pm. We were back in Copan by 5pm. Glad to be back somewhere I know, even if it isn’t the most exciting place in the world. Copan may get me down, but I’ve been here long enough to know where to go, and quite frankly, it’s a nicer place than Gracias.

Had supper and watched the rain come down. Saw a few pickups riding in from Sesesmil, with people sheltering themselves from the rain with plastic sheets. Didn’t look like fun.

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