Freddy, my host brother, is our usual tuk-tuk driver. But his was broken yesterday so he got another guy to take us. Thinking something similar would happen today, I sat outside the house from 6:50am to 7:30am waiting. Then I walked up to Nicki and Lauren’s house, and we all waited on the corner for a pickup. Keith decided yesterday that he’d try to get a pickup since the tuk-tuk struggles so much, and evidently, he had already gone. Another taxi drove by at 7:55am and he said he’d take us.

Got up to the project by 8:30am and it was raining lots. Beginning to wish we’d all just gone back to bed! So after the slope that we were going up, the local guys have gone down again and back up again. So we were stationed next to the church, where the pipe finally gets into the village. I’m sure there would’ve been an easier way to get there.

The big house that looks like it doesn’t belong is owned by relatives of Nicki and Lauren’s host family. And they invited us for coffee today. I’ve been as far as the porch!

Did very, very little all afternoon, and then spent the evening flicking between Harry Potter and Bridget Jones on two different channels.

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