Raining again so my clothes and towel on the line will have to stay there another day. Freddy’s now got a new tuk-tuk. Don’t know if it’s borrowed or if it’s his, but he’s back. We were set to work on another new trench for the main pipe today, digging down one of the side roads.

I took my MP3 player and it really made the time pass a lot more quickly. Until the battery died. Some of the tracks I listened to included: the Baywatch theme, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles, Britney, Marilyn Manson and the Chillis. Class tunes.

Keith and I decided to start walking towards Copan rather than wait in Sesesmil for a pickup. We were walking for about 30-45 minutes before one came along, and the thought of having to walk all the way back crossed my mind a couple of times!

Went to Café Welchez in the afternoon and started a new book – Matchstick Men – cuz I finished George Orwell yesterday. Sent emails to hostels and tour companies after supper, and they had to kick me out cuz I was there till closing time!


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  2. Hey Fran-i have soo many questions. Ive commented on a couple of ur ‘blogs’. So I hope ur coming back able to do the kidney bean thing and liquedas (or whatever other random food uve been fed). Im looking forward to a bit of culture. tell me, how developed is guatamala and honduras? Its seems that everything is ridiculously cheap but then u say u were flicking thro Harry Potter and Bridget Jones on TV! And ur host family-whos in that? hows theyre english? did u pick up any spanish off ur bro b4 going away or have u done that since being there? and these trenches-what are they for? U can answer in an email if u like or another post so others can see.

  3. oh u poor thing. Some of what u write at the beginning sounds sad. However I know what its like to be lonely while away. I hope now most of the people u know have left u will be ok. Especially while travleing alone for a while-as ur bday treat! What doesnt kill u makes u stronger remember!

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