Apparently it rained in the mountains again last night. And since we’re digging right at the bottom of the hill, our trench filled up with water. A lot of water. The trench isn’t level yet though, so I spent about an hour stood at the side of my trench, pushing the water out of my part to lower down.

We managed to get a lot more done than I expected and just about levelled the whole trench out. Which involved being stood in a puddle for quite a while. The mud did make funny squelching noises though, which kept us entertained.

Tried a Chocolate & Banana licuado today. Not as nice as the Pineapple or Cereal ones. More souvenir shopping, and then saw Don at Cafe Welchez, and he very kindly paid for my coffee and cake.

And I’m almost packed. Just the clothes I’m in at the moment. Leave at 6am tomorrow. What fun. Got 7 free internet minutes left here, of the 900 I started with 5 weeks ago. Just about enough I think.

Things I’ll miss about Copan:

  • Cafe Welchez: nice place, friendly staff, great coffee and great cakes (especially the carrot cake)
  • Pickup rides: the best 20 minutes of my day
  • Being somewhere I know well

So catch up with you in a few days, after I get to La Ceiba and do some tours.

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