Had pancakes and a liquado in Rainbow Cafe for breakfast. Still haven’t found a liquado to beat the place in Copan, but having fun trying. I decided it was about time to take my washing to the laundrette, before it grew legs and walked itself there. Went to Cafe Condesa for a coffee and a cake. Recently found out that when they were building the cafe there, they pulled out a wall and found a skeleton inside. Supposedly the butler of someone important, who was caught fooling around with his wife!

Not had much to do today so walked the long way round to Parque Central – about five blocks out of my way. Got a coffee at Sin Ventura before going to watch Batman Begins. I liked the all-star cast, especially Morgan Freeman and Gary Oldman; and the development of Batman and how it all ties in at the end. It beats Batman & Robin and Batman Forever hands down, but Michael Keaton is still the best Bat, and they’ll struggle to top The Joker as a villain.

Stopped in Bagel Barn for some supper and to watch the end of Hitch afterwards. Then walked back to the hotel around 9.30pm. Antigua is disturbingly quiet on a Sunday night.

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