We weren’t leaving for Monterrico until 9am (much more sensible time than 4am), so I had time to pick up my laundry and go to Cafe Condesa for breakfast. Oh My God. Pancakes with a side order of strawberries, blackberries, banana, pineapple, watermelon, melon, cream and maple syrup. And a liquado and a coffee. I have officially found the best breakfast in Antigua.

I went to Monterrico with Chris and Megan, who are from Washington DC, and with Welbur, our guide. The drive took about two hours. We went on the road between the volcanoes – haven’t been that close to Fuego or Acatenango before. The first road we tried was blocked by huge piles of gravel, but amazingly, there was another way to get there.

We reached La Avellana by 11.30am and left the pickup there. We then kayaked through the mangrove canals towards Monterrico, which you can only reach by boat. The kayaking was a bit sketchy at first – found myself crashing into stationary boats on the other side of the river, and getting entangled in the branches in the mangroves. I wasn’t too bad on the open water, and I did improve though!

We had lunch parked up next to some of the mangroves, holding onto each other’s kayaks so no-one drifted to far. Welbur chopped tomatoes, onions, cucumber and pepper, and we all made sandwiches.

We reached Monterrico by about 4pm, then took a pickup ride to our hotel, Dulce y Salado. It’s right on the beach, there’s a warm pool, and only 8 rooms (and we were the only guests). After changing out of my wet clothes, I sat on the volcanic sand beach and watched the waves of the Pacific Ocean. I took a quick dip – it was warmer than I expected – and then watched the pretty pink sunset. My camera memory card started playing up, and I may have lost all my photos up to now. Think I’ll probably cry if that happens.

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