I’ll be back soon to write about my next trip, starting Tuesday 16th January. But since people are actually starting to look at my blog already, I thought it was best to write something more current than September 2006.

Google have apparently taken over Blogger, and made a few improvements, hence all the photos I’ve been able to upload (previously difficult because I can’t speak html).

However, I wanted to add more links, so had to lose a few. For anyone who read Fred’s China blog, that is no longer running. I’ve taken the least important off, but there was some funny stuff I didn’t want you guys to miss out on seeing, so here are my favourites:

Top 25 Dumb Bumper Stickers

Bush vs Tic Tacs: Who Would Make a Better President?

I Am Better Than Your Kids

Crappy Childrens Artwork

How to Kill Yourself Like a Man

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