Underneath that are links to my previous postings, mostly from my last trip (Guatemala and Honduras 2005). Click on the year or month to view all my posts from then, in reverse order. Or click on the arrow next to the year or month to view the titles of all my posts from that time, and then you can select one to read.

Underneath my archive are links to some of my favourite websites. Firstly, my photo site where I’m hoping to post the majority of my photos as I travel. Next is Kris’s article on trace fossils, for any of you who are interested in paleontology. Then my place of work. Then my favourite TV show and band, and a bunch of other stuff.

And last but certainly not least, some of my favourite photos.

Then over here, the main body of text, is my blog. It reads in reverse order, so the most recent stuff that I’ve written will appear at the top. You can leave comments that will be emailed to me by clicking on the ‘comments’ link. And you can email a posting to someone by clicking on the envelope next to it.

You can also leave comments on my photo site, but you have to be a Flickr member. To view my photos, just follow the link on the left and my most recently uploaded photos will appear at the top. Down the right hand side is a list of ‘my sets’, and you can select one of those if you just wanted to see my photos from Singapore, for example.

So I hope you enjoy reading my blog and viewing my photos.

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  1. Aha ! Found you.

    Amazing what a 10 minute google can accomplish. I got the usual very untechy “Fran’s got a thing on the internet about her travels”

    Hope you have fun, I’ll pop you on my RSS now I’ve found you.


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