(Don’t laugh – I know you love Annie too, and were no doubt singing along!)

So the next journey starts tomorrow. An 8-month trip around the world, visiting Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Tahiti, USA and Canada.

For a rough itinerary, I’ll arrive in Singapore on 17th Jan, and stay until 21st Jan. I’ll arrive in Melbourne on 22nd Jan and work up the east coast of Australia, leaving from Cairns on 24th Feb. I arrive in Auckland on 24th Feb, and am staying in New Zealand until 6th June. I fly to Tahiti on 6th June, but arrive on the 5th June since I’m crossing the international date line. I then fly from Tahiti on 12th June, arriving in New York on 13th June. Then Cameron and Alex will join me at the beginning of September, and we’ll all fly back on 20th September, reaching Manchester by 21st September.

People keep asking if I’m excited, and telling me that they’re going to miss me. Somehow it still doesn’t seem real to me yet, but I think that’s always been the case with my travels. I suppose I’m excited. But I’ve been planning it for a long time and I think I’m just ready to go now. I’m fed up of waiting. I never thought about missing people until I went down to Brookhouse to say my goodbyes, and then it hit me. That I’m going away for much longer than I have done before, and further. Although distance doesn’t really matter too much, once you’re into thousands of miles and start putting oceans in between yourself and home!

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