The problem with sleeping all day is that you don’t sleep at night. Not that the noisy Japanese girls helped, coming in at 3am, then back and forth to the bathroom from 5am to 7am. I went for breakfast at 7.45am, then went to see if I could log into Blogger. Still couldn’t. Decided to Google myself, since Gavin said he’d found my site. So I typed in “frangipan” and “adventures”. My Flickr profile was the second hit, but my Blogger profile didn’t come up till the third page. Might have to see if there’s a way I can change that.

So then I showered, changed (delicately) and packed. I checked out by 9.30am, and decided to have a wander over to Little India to look at the temples. But it smelled weird and I was a bit worried about being the only white person. So I went to Chinatown instead. A few more tourists over there. There was a huge street market, and I saw a couple of temples and the decorations going up ready for Chinese New Year.

After that I walked past the Fullerton Hotel to the Merlion statue. Don’t know what this guy has to do with Singapore, but they seem to like him. Can’t figure out why. However, there was a very welcome breeze, so I stayed a few minutes.

Then I walked along Boat Quay and decided to stop for lunch. I was conned I tell you. $15 for my meal (about 5 quid, OK), but $12 for 2 orange juices?! And they charge you for a towel (wet wipe in a fancy wrapper) which I didn’t even use!

Got the MRT back to Dhoby Ghaut, picked up my luggage and got a taxi to the airport. I was there by about 3.30pm, and checked in by 4pm. I drank all my water before checking in, only to find that they’re not bothered by liquids in your hand luggage over here.

Actually glad I went so early, because they have free internet access, but you’re limited to 15mins a time. And since I had three hours til my gate opened, I had plenty of time to update my blog.

So, to summarise Singapore. Its very clean. Very well-organised. Multi-cultural. And safe. I reckon I would’ve been OK in Little India too, if I hadn’t been alone. I could’ve spent ages in a coffee shop on Orchard Road people-watching. Sentosa is beautiful, but they take the whole commercial-touristy thing a bit far. And I think four days was long enough. After all, if I hadn’t slept for a day, I could’ve got to Singapore Zoo and East Coast Park

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