Fireworks in Melbourne on Australia Day

National Holiday. Lots of celebrations. I’m not really sure what it’s all about though, to be perfectly honest.

I had my little guide to what was going on in Melbourne today, to mark the occasion. So off I went on the tram, but had to get off early because the parade runs down Swanston Street and past Federation Square. As I was getting off the tram I noticed Luke, also from my dorm. He was moving to a new hostel in the city today and had all his stuff. So I helped him by carrying his guitar. I thought I travelled with too much stuff, but Luke was definitely making life difficult for himself!

So I watched a bit of the parade. Different ethnic groups from Melbourne/Victoria by the looks of it. The Asians always seem to do best at this kinda stuff, making lots of noise, singing , dancing and banging drums. Then everyone dissipated and I decided to take the tram over to the Docklands. They were quite boring. There’s obviously some initiative to develop that area, but at the moment it’s just restaurants and a dock. And the view ism’t enough to draw you in. They could do with a designated cycle track though!

So I got the tram back to Federation Square, watched a street performer finish, and then went over to the Australian Centre of Moving Image, and watched short films for a while. These are films made by film students, independent film-makers, and amateurs. Some of them were really good, especially the animation. There was one about ‘the complexities of life’ or something, which I enjoyed, aside the sign off. The overall winner of some award however, was a load of rubbish. Something about nature and religion that I didn’t understand.

So, then I went to the Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia (gallery of Australian art). That was OK. Had some good photographic pieces. And then I went for some food and coffee in a cafe in Federation Square (same one as Tuesday). And now I’m here, updating my blog. And later I’ll probably watch some tennis, read, watch the sunset and then the fireworks.

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  1. Nain says,don’t get bored,you’ve done a lot in a short time,including a long haul flight,and sunburn.Just re-read your quotation at the end of your blog and follow your dream,I think Melbourne is too modern for you,I think you, like me, like history. keep the blog coming it’s great

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