“Who spotted the snake? Good going Fran, we’ll make a tour guide of you yet.”

Diego, the tour guide

I’d booked a tour to go up to the Blue Mountains today. Picking up at 7:50am. Ugh. I coped fine though, ready outside the door as told. There were two buses going, and I had to swap before we left the city, but that was fine because I ended up with the lovely Diego as my tour guide. Very cute Aussie of Spanish descent.

We visited the Olympic Park first, as it’s on the way out of the city. We didn’t go inside the stadium, but we were right outside, and we saw the torch, which had the names of all the medal winners on small plaques in the ground around it.

Then we headed up into the Blue Mountains National Park, and our first stop was Glenbrook. We visited a nice clearing in the middle of the eucalyptus trees, where there were quite a few kangaroos hanging around. We stopped in the village for a drink and bite to eat, and then headed further into the mountains.

We stopped at a lookout where we could see the Three Sisters rock formation, Mount Solitary, and a lot of the canyon. We then went to Scenic World, just outside Katoomba, the unofficial capital of the Blue Mountains. We took a walk down into the canyon, about 250 metres, passing the Witches Leap and Katoomba Falls. While still near the top, we saw a tiger snake. Highly poisonous. And I didn’t run away screaming. I was actually following where he was going so that everyone else got a chance to see him. Made sure I was well out of the way before everyone started taking photos and pissing him off though!

To get back up, you can either walk or take the steepest railway in the world. Had Diego told me the railway goes into the rock and it goes pitch black for a few seconds, I might’ve considered walking. It was pretty scary. You don’t go fast, and you don’t go that far, but it is a 52-degree incline, and there are thoughts of plummeting into the canyon running through your mind.

Anyways, when that was all over, we went over to Echo Point Lookout, which is really popular for seeing the Three Sisters as it’s the closest. I got some photos, then had a muffin and coffee while I enjoyed the view.

We left around 4pm and I was back at the hostel by 6:30pm. Then had supper and updated my blog.


  1. Nain says wondered whether the Blue Mountains were on your agenda,glad to hear they were.looking forward to the photies.

  2. Sounds as if you’re enjoying Sydney and seeing more of it than we did in 2 days!
    Hope you have walked the bridge, even just to walk across rather than go on the tour needing ropes and helmets gives a fantastic view of the harbour and city.
    Enjoying the photos!

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