Sydney Opera House

I didn’t realise just how long it takes to get from the hostel to Circular Quay until this morning. I had my Opera House tour booked for 10am, but it said to get there by 9.45am. I set out a little after 9am, expecting time to get a coffee beforehand, but I only got there by 9.50am.

The tour was quite interesting. Did you know it took over one million tiles to cover the shells of the building? And all the screws that are (pointlessly) screwed into the floor slabs are perpendicular? And that the organ pipes in the concert hall go eight metres back? Unfortunately, you’re not allowed to take any photos inside the halls, only in the corridors and the exterior. So I bought a postcard of the concert hall as that was the most spectacular. There was also a display of the other shortlisted design entries, including one that has been kept under a bed for 30 years!

Anyway, after that I went for a coffee and read a couple of chapters of my book, then headed to the Museum of Contemporary Art. Most of the exhibitions were quite boring, but I saw some interesting print pieces, and a video piece about Dog Day Afternoon, which made it worthwhile.

After that I wandered around The Rocks Market for a little while, which is all up-market and tourist-oriented gifts. I decided I didn’t really want anything so got some lunch in a nearby cafe, followed by chocolate covered strawberries on a stick. I dropped my last strawberry though.

After that I headed over to the Australian Museum. It was already 3.30pm, and I think that’s why I got a concession. It too was quite boring. Don’t think I was really in the right mood for looking around museums. There was a really big mineral and gem display though. The Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition was brilliant. Well worth the admission price of the museum.

So, after that I headed up to the internet cafe. Unfortunately, Flickr was undergoing maintenance so i couldn’t upload any photos. I still managed to spend three hours there, getting my $3 worth!

I got back to the hostel around 8.30pm and had some supper before the kitchen was locked up. Then I hung out in my room chatting to Martina, the Swedish girl I’m in with. Read a few chapters and went to sleep around 11.30pm.

Apparently Sundays are the day for domestics on the street around here. We were woken by two people screaming at each other around 6am, and there was a girl screaming at someone before we went to bed too. Fairly certain the woman from this morning was taken away by the police!

Reading: Fleshmarket Close – Ian Rankin

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