Sydney Harbour from the Bridge

I woke up late this morning and missed breakfast. I was fine with a coffee and juice though. I started my day at Sky Tower. The second tallest building in the southern hemisphere, and the same height as the Eiffel Tower. I met a really nice Scouse couple on the way up in the lift. You can always rely on them to be chatty!

It’s been really clear today, so the views were great. You could see all of Sydney. And the windows are angled, so you can look right down to the streets below. Unfortunately there is a skyscraper partly obscuring the view of the Harbour Bridge, and you only see some of the Opera House; but you do still them. My ticket also covered something called OzTrek, but I couldn’t be bothered sticking around for that.

My second lookout was the Pylon Lookout at the Harbour Bridge. That was much cheaper and just as worthwhile. You have to climb quite a lot of stairs to get up there, after walking quite far too. There is a museum about the construction of the bridge and various facts about it. It’s the largest and heaviest bridge in the world, but one in the US is 63cm longer. There’s also a video, but I didn’t watch that. The views from the top are great. And there are markers facing various directions, telling you what landmarks or places are that way. And I could just about make out the Blue Mountains in the distance.

I had planned to go to the southern beaches today, but time seemed to escape me. I started late, and stopped for coffee a few times. Hopefully I’ll make it tomorrow: would hate to come to Sydney and not make it to Bondi!

It was around 4pm when I was leaving The Rocks, so I went into the Queen Victoria Building to have a quick look around. “Opulent” is probably the best word I can think of to describe it. And if ever you come here, make sure you use the toilets on the top floor!

And then I came to the internet cafe to update my blog and upload as many photos as I could before I left Sydney.

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