I checked out just in time this morning, but stayed a little longer for a coffee to use up some of my milk. I left a note for Martina saying goodbye, then got a taxi to the station. The driver seemed very grateful to get a tip. In the train station (above the coach station), I was given an address about 600 metres away, where there was a left luggage. I decided to try in the coach terminal first, and they had left luggage too, which everyone else is apparently oblivious to.

I started walking into town afterwards, and it took me a good ten minutes to realise I was going in the wrong direction! Should’ve occurred to me the street names I recognised started disappearing! Anyway, when I finally did start going in the right direction, I got into the city centre, got a coffee, wandered around the Queen Victoria Building a bit, then headed over to The Rocks.

Lots of sitting on grass and reading today. Had lunch in a cafe. I’m sure I would’ve stopped for another coffee too. Finished Fleshmarket Close.

I got up and started walking back to the station around 5pm. I said “goodbye” to Sydney (while no-one else was in earshot!) and felt quite sad, since I won’t be back for quite some time.

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