I didn’t see a hell of a lot on the coach trip as I managed to sleep loads, thanks to the pillow Nesta gave me. And I had a seat all to myself. I did manage to see the lakes of Ku-run-gai National Park before I went to sleep, and the ocean at Lennox Head after I woke up. I think I’ll have to add them to my next Australia itinerary! Surfers Paradise looked too big and touristy for me, but Byron Bay looked pleasant.

Anyway, we got to Brisbane 17 hours later, at 11am. These guys are on standard time, so we had to put our watches back an hour. The hostel was only 400 metres from the coach station, so I decided to walk. 400 metres has never felt so far. Or they’re lying. Got checked in by a very pleasant Brit. I booked the cheapest bed which was in a 30-bed dorm, but I’ve been upgraded to an 8-bed with air-con.

Had a shower because I was very sweaty and smelly bu this point. I went up to the rooftop lookout and enjoyed the view, then headed into town. Tourist Information first, as always. Then I went to a street cafe in the middle of Queen Street Mall, but was basically given the menu and then ignored. So I went to a cafe around the corner and had much better service. By then it was 3pm and I didn’t really have a plan, so I got my hair cut at the training salon.

After that I got a coffee and then checked my emails at a travel agency/internet centre on my way back to the hostel.

I’m not overly impressed so far, but then I haven’t seen that much. It’s incredibly warm here though! This hostel is huge. And very social/party oriented.

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