It took forever to get to sleep last night. The pub in the hostel makes it difficult because it’s loud. Then the air-con makes the room freezing at night, and you’re only given sheets. And I had a headache. Eventually I took an aspirin and got my sleeping bag out, and the noise from the pub didn’t bother me so much.

I didn’t get out until around 11am. Started by going back to the travel agency/internet centre and booked a Moreton Island tour with them for tomorrow. Then I headed over to a stall on Queen Street Mall that I saw yesterday – juices, smoothies, fruit salad – very healthy. Got myself a non-dairy smoothie and fruit salad for breakfast.

Then I took myself on the Lonely Planet walking tour. Started at Central Station, walked through Anzac Park and saw the memorial, then through Post Office Square, saw the General Post Office, then through to St Stephen’s Cathedral and Chapel, then along to the Riverside Centre and Customs House. I treated myself to an expensive lunch at the Riverside Centre, then walked along the boardwalk to the City Botanic Gardens. Nothing to write home about, but at least it’s a quiet, green area away from the noise of the city. Parliament House and the Old Government House border the gardens, as does the QUT Art Gallery, so I had a quick look in there. Then I walked over the Goodwill Bridge into South Bank, and walked through some of the parklands. I got a smoothie on Stanley Street Plaza, then sat at Streets Beach Lagoon, reading. It’s not a huge artificial beach, but I suppose it’s nice to have it there. Closer than the real beaches at any rate.

The queue for the internet at the hostel wasn’t huge so I managed to get on relatively quickly. But we’re limited to 30 minutes at busy times, so not really enough time to do anything except check emails. After that, time didn’t pass particularly quickly, so I hung out in the TV room, reading and listening to my Zen. I also had coffee (not good) and a Twix (good). Then I decided to queue for the internet again and just arsed around on it for the 30 minutes. Found out I can pre-order the new Harry Potter. Then went back to my room, sorted out my stuff for the trip tomorrow, read, and went to sleep.

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