I woke up early this morning. Those three beers last night really took their toll. I’m such a lightweight! Anyways, luckily not many people want to go on the internet at 7am, so you can stay on for a long time. Managed to update my blog, but you can’t access the CPU of the computers, so I couldn’t put photos on or charge my Zen.

Got myself ready afterwards and headed to Coffee Club for breakfast. I had eggs, tomatoes, toast and mushrooms, which was delicious. After that I wandered around the shops for a bit. I bought a hat and a holder for my Zen. Then I got a juice and headed over to South Bank. I visited the museum first. I wasn’t too bothered about most of the displays, but they had a bit “museum zoo” which consisted of fake or stuffed animals, and a wall chart with lots of facts. Most of which I can’t remember. Except that the longest recorded anaconda or python is nine metres. And they have measurements along the wall so you know how far that is. They had stuff about big whales and sharks too, but I can’t remember that stuff.

After the museum I headed to the Gallery of Modern Art. There was an interesting display in the foyer. It was babies clothing and toys, but for Siamese twins. It was like a warped Mothercare. There were some sculptures by some Indian guy which were quite interesting. He had one called ‘Void’ which was like a blue beaker stuck to the wall, with the open end facing you. And from different angles it looked like the middle was protruding, or black, or flat. And there was another (called ‘Untitled’, I hate that), which was a red circle on the wall, with a vortex in the middle. You couldn’t tell if it was hung in front of the wall, if it was just painted flat onto the wall, or if there was a hole in the wall. I’m still not sure! There was a Jackie Chan exhibit which seemed to be attracting a lot of people. Some interesting paintings about war by a Sri Lankan artist. And this exhibit where you walked into a small room and the door closed behind you. The walls and ceiling were covered in mirrors, and there was water on the floor around the central piece you were stood on. And there were all these neon balls hung from the ceiling. There was UV light, so they all glowed. And because of the mirrors and water, they went on and on and on in every direction.

Anyway, after that I wandered through Stanley Street Plaza and then went to Streets Beach and sat and read for a while. I went back to Coffee Club for a late lunch, then headed over to Global Gossip hoping to charge my Zen and move photos onto my USB pen. But I couldn’t. Total waste of time and money. After that I was in a bad mood. So it seemed fitting that it should then start raining, and that I should take a wrong turning trying to get back to the hostel, because of all the stupid diversions in this city. They seem to be digging up half of the roads and pavements.

Later on I was chatting to one of the Canadians and a new German girl in the dorm, and found out that this is the wet season up north in Mission Beach and Cairns. And you can’t swim because of the possibility of crocodiles, and you can’t go on the beach because of the jellyfish. Put me on a downer.

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