Still another 15 hours of the coach journey after the stroke of midnight, but I did manage to sleep a fair bit. We had a breakfast stop, then went for about four hours until Townsville, where we switched coaches and drivers. After Townsville we had another film – Kinky Boots. Good British film instead of all the American teen and rom com films. We had a lunch stop in Cardwell, only an hour from Mission Beach. The driver warned us it was hot outside, but I still wasn’t prepared! Got some lunch and sat by the beach to eat to it. Not on the beach, because of the stingers and because crocodiles have been spotted recently!

We got to Mission Beach by 3.15pm, and Martin the bus driver picked us up. After checking in I showered for ages. And I finally got round to doing my laundry. My sunscreen opened in my bag and went all over my other toiletries. And it’s the waterproof stuff so it’s really hard to get off.

I didn’t really do a lot after my shower. Scotty cooks steak or fish for everyone, but obviously I didn’t have any. It’s really nice here. The staff at the hostel are really nice, and most of the boys here spend their days jumping and bombing into the pool. It’s supposed to be wet season, and I missed a big storm by a week, but the weather is great at the moment – although the humidity is a bit much for me!

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