“If you want to look your best, to flourish and to thrive,

If you want to have good health, to live and stay alive,

Remember that your outlook has a lot to do with it.

Happy thoughts will tend to keep you young and make you fit.

Give the day a sparkle, full of cheerfulness and hope,

Whatever looms ahead refuse to grumble or to mope.

Make a pleasure of your work, enjoying what you do,

It can be a bore, or it can be fun, it all depends on you.

In your mind you have the power, to choose what you will be,

You can change yourself, your world, your personality.

Everyday you get the chance to take a different line,

You can sink, or, like a fountain,

You can rise and shine.”

Inscribed on a bench in Mission Beach dedicated to John Wayne Curtis, who died on the Tully River, aged 32 years


  1. Just thought I’d let you know I’ve sent the bench inscription on to a few people. Thanks for taking the time to write it down.

  2. The inscription is really beautiful and so true.I shall be keeping that to read at some function or another, it’s really inspirational
    Nain x

  3. These pictures are amazing. What an experience to have and everyone who’seen it (i.e. you can bank on your Mum to spread it around the office) think it’s brilliant and you’re very smiley!

  4. Hejhej… I google that inscription and find it on your travel blog =) So cool, cause that poem impressed me so much that I wrote it down too… when I was travelling in Australia… that inspription seems to connect some travellers now, who had similar feelings coz its touching our hearts =)
    Greetings from Germany

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