I’ve done so little today. Boyd (who owns the hostel) keeps bugging me about showing my skydiving DVD, but I want to proof-watch it first – check it’s not too embarrassing!

I tried to watch it on one of the internet computers after breakfast, but there is no CD/DVD drive. I have no cash left either, so I went into ‘town’ on the 10.30am bus to go to the ATM and the internet in town. It’s quicker and cheaper – managed to upload lots of photos, but still couldn’t watch my DVD.

I got myself a town map and some food supplies from the supermarket while I was there, then came back to the hostel. Had a dip in the pool, read a bit, pool again, more reading and lounging around.

I sat on the beach around dusk, even though it was cloudy and the sun sets behind me over the trees. Still nice to be there, hearing nothing but the cicadas and the ocean.

A few people went off to a Valentines night at a local bar, but I didn’t really fancy it. Stayed at the hostel and chatted to others who stayed and ones who came back early.

Think I need to do more tomorrow!

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