It rained this morning. Kinda expecting it since it is the rainy season. So I had breakfast and chatted to a few people who were checking out today, while we sat around out of the rain.

I made a start trying to organise New Zealand, since I couldn’t do much else in this weather. I’ve still got too much information and no decisions though!

The rain cleared up in the afternoon and at around 3pm I headed over to the fast internet. Finally managed to watch my skydive DVD (without sound). The interview part at the beginning is so embarrassing – I have really bad hat hair! The bad side of doing it on impulse – no time to get ready! I managed to get loads of good photos off it though, and I can always make my own less embarrassing copy of the DVD when I get home. And I finally managed to recharge my Zen, so I can listen to my music again!

Didn’t do anything worth noting after walking back to the hostel along the beach.

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