Anyone who was asleep before midnight got rudely awoken at 12.30am by screaming girls, shouty boys, people jumping into the pool. Boyd spent most of the morning apologising to everyone, even though he employs a nightwatchman to control these situations.

I spent the morning chatting to Yvonne and Dave, who are about six months into an eight month trip. It’s a lot hotter today than yesterday, and I eventually decided that I’d have to cool off in the pool. A few of us had been trying to book a trip to a couple of islands south of here, but we got word today that the winds were too strong so we wouldn’t be going.

I went on the rainforest walk in the afternoon with Julie and Annette. We extended it be going across to the beach and walking up from South Mission Beach to Wongaling Beach (where Scotty’s is). It took about three and a half hours altogether. Very achy legs after, but I’m feeling less guilty about all the chocolate now!

I decided to treat myself to a proper meal at Scotty’s bar rather than a pack of super noodles, so ended up eating and having a couple of drinks with Julie. We then came back, checked emails, and got chatting to Yvonne, Dave, Tracy and Hannah.

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