I was woken up around 1am by two guys in the next room, one threatening to kill the other. At one point, I thought one of the bunk beds was going to come through the wall. The rain thundered down during the night too. Then, around 3am, I was woken again by some guy squealing. Not a fun night’s sleep.

A few of us planned a trip over to Dunk Island today, so we were going to catch the 9.30am water taxi. I was up and about by 7.30am, having breakfast and lots of coffee until we were all ready to go. You have to wade out to the boat, as there is no jetty, so they provide you with stinger trousers. Between the six of us, we had five giant pairs and one child’s pair. I ended up with the child’s pair, which came up to my knees. Good thing I didn’t get stung!

It’s a 10 minute ride over to Dunk Island, and there we were met and told what we could do and were to find everything. You can buy a permit for the resort for $40, for which you can use the pool and facilities and have lunch. We, however, went for a walk. We didn’t really have time for the full island circuit, so we decided to go for Mount Kootaloo, the highest point on the island.

View from Mount Kootaloo, Dunk Island

The guide says it takes three hours return. Fairly certain that’s because you can’t find your way through the resort to the starting point. All the signs seem to be contradictory. Luckily, we found someone who works there, and she pointed us the right direction. It was a fairly gentle, easy climb, only made difficult by the sun and heat. Nice lookout at the top, but no-one really wanted to stay because of the bugs at the top.

It probably took about two and a half hours round trip, and we had about an hour until the return water taxi, so we had some lunch and drinks at the cafe by the jetty. Expensive though, so we ordered a jug of water too. When we got to Mission Beach, we had to get off the boat into about three feet of water, and wade about thirty yards to shore. We all ended up with wet shorts!

Had a shower when we got back, then got the 5pm bus into town to use the fast internet. Also bought a new watch as mine died after Moreton Island. Spent about two hours at the internet, then bought an ice cream and walked back. Straightening my hair was the big activity of the night.

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