It was the rain pounding on the roof that woke me up last night. Can’t really blame anyone for that. Most people’s favourite activity of the day has been sitting on the veranda watching the rain. A couple of people have been in the pool.

I phoned Dad after breakfast, as it was still his birthday back home, and he was in the pub. After that, Boyd was having some problems with his computer, so I attempted to fix it. Didn’t really do much – it seemed to right itself after being switched off and back on again. But I was amazed it was still running at all with only 1 GB hard disk space left!

Since it was raining, I spent most of the day trying to arrange New Zealand – 25 days just isn’t enough to see everything I want to see! Getting frustrated.

It’s pizza and DVD night, so I ordered my pizza, went for a shower, packed most of my stuff, went on the internet for an hour, and read quite a bit. Pizzas arrived around 7.30pm. Thinner and smaller than I imagined – not worth $11. Then time for the films. The first was My Super Ex-Girlfriend. Some good jokes, but overall a bad film, and very corny. Eurotrip was the second film. Better than I expected. Some very funny moments in it (if you’re in the right mood), but a film you’re going to forget all about once it’s over.

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