I’ve had a headache since I went to bed last night, and woken up this morning feeling really ill. It seemed to subside when I was eating, hence four slices of toast and a Milkybar. And lots of tea – that seemed to help too.

Packed the last of my stuff, checked out, and generally sat around waiting until the 10.30am bus to the coach stop. The bus journey to Cairns passed quickly – two hours is nothing to me now! I was met at the bus terminal by Ben from Caravella. I checked in and was given the receipts from the day trips I booked. I then headed out to find the post office to send a box of stuff home, and top get food, and find internet places.

It cost me $111 to send my stuff home! Didn’t expect it to be quite that much. But then I suppose it’s only about 45 quid, so not so bad when you convert the currency.

Got back to the hostel and met Charlie and Kim (both male) who I’m sharing the room with. Then went to the internet for an hour, but deleted an email I wanted to send right as they were closing. Then went to The Woolshed for a beer and my free hostel meal. It’s kinda like school dinners – you order and hand over your voucher, then hand your receipt in through a window, and your food is ready straight away. You can upgrade, but I found the spagetti napolitana and a slice of garlic bread for $2.50 is enough, and leaves room for an ice cream or dessert.

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