I spent most of the night waking up every hour, worrying I’d miss my alarm. Eventually it went off at 3.30am, and I was ready in five minutes. So I had to pad it out since my taxi wasn’t coming until 4am.

Luckily there is a cafe open in the airport at 4am, so I got my caffeine and muffin fix before going through security. Randomly searched again. I’m really going to ask what I have to do to stop getting searched. Do I look like a terrorist? Or like I’m smuggling something?

So there were two fairly uneventful flights, the first to Brisbane and the second to Auckland. Brisbane airport has rubbish signs. Duty Free is cramped and busy, and you have to find your way to the outside to see what gates you’re near. They also seemed to ignore my veggie meal when they brought out all the others on the second flight. I did get it though. Our film for the second flight was Flushed Away, about an upper class pet rat who gets flushed down the toilet and has to find his way home. It was pretty funny, and had an all-star voice-cast, most of which I didn’t recognise.

Same questions on the NZ customs forms as the OZ ones, so I had my boots inspected briefly. Also had to mention that I’d been around kangaroos in the last 30 days, but apparently that’s OK. Got some money from my traveller’s cheques and then got the Air Bus into town. I checked in at the hostel, and while looking at the noticeboard, I got offered a car to buy. Unfortunately, they wanted $1500, and that’s a lot more than I was thinking!

I showered and used the hairdryers, then headed out and got some food at Starbucks. Straightened my hair when I got back. Didn’t go to sleep until around 1am.

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