Slept in until 9.30am since I didn’t have anything pressing to do today. I spent an hour on the internet, but couldn’t use the USB ports, so couldn’t upload photos. And my card timed out before I finished and saved yesterday’s blog, so I lost it all.

I wandered into town around noon, and went to Coffee Club for my favourite scrambled eggs on toast with tomatoes and mushrooms. After that I went to see Blood Diamond at the cinema. That is such a great film. It covered so many aspects of conflict diamonds – rebel groups, warlords, child soldiers, refugees, and corrupt Westerners too. It was incredibly moving and emotional. It had a Hollywood ending, but you almost needed one after all that bloodshed. And all for pretty gems. I cried lots.

After the movie I got a milkshake from the NZ ice cream company, but it wasn’t that tasty. You get to choose your own ice cream to go in it, so I can only blame myself! I finished that on my way into the internet cafe I pass every day, but I couldn’t use the USB ports there either. I did manage to write yesterday’s blog again though, and still spent two hours there!

I got a cheesecake on my way back to the hostel, packed my stuff, ate, and watched some TV.

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