Today, Cy was taking me to “town” to get groceries, since he was going anyway.

I stayed in bed until 10am, took a shower, had breakfast, then moved my stuff into my new room, and we where gone by 12.30pm.

So “town” is Taupo. An hour away. Quite a pleasant little town: I’ll probably return on my way back up the North Island. We did some stuff that Cy needed to get done, then went for lunch around 4pm. After lunch we drove up to Huka Falls, just out of town. They’re not big waterfalls in terms of height, but the volume and sheer force of the water was tremendous. Hopefully I’ll get back there with my camera!

We went to the supermarket after and I stocked up – hopefully it’ll last me a few weeks. We got back around 7.30pm and I sorted out my room, putting stuff in drawers and completely unpacking my rucksack. Then I watched some Sky TV in my room until 10.30pm. I tried reading the prologue to my new book but fell asleep.

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