Ok, so now that work has started, I’m trying to cut down my internet time to save money. And Cy has just asked if I want to work six days a week when Marion leaves, so I’ll obviously have less free time too. And since my travels won’t be that interesting, I’ll be condensing all my weeks.

So Tuesday was my first day. I started around 10am and Cy gave me the lowdown. It’s physically hard work, but I have a checklist so it’s easy to make sure I do everything I need to. I worked for six hours, until around 4pm. In the evening I watched Million Dollar Baby and did my laundry.

On Wednesday I started at 9am, after hanging my washing on the line. I worked for seven hours, but had more to do. I watched Sliding Doors, CSI New York (so glad that’s a global show!) and Carlito’s Way. I also got my first payslip, but no IRD number yet and no bank account, so technically no money.

On Thursday I worked for eight hours. I was very achy afterwards, and had a few war wounds. The sky was clear when I finished so I wandered over to the highway and got some photos of the volcanoes. Great photo of Mt Doom from LOTR (it’s real name is Maori and difficult to spell!), but I can’t upload photos so it’ll be a while before you guys see it. I watched Girl, Interrupted, chatted to a Japanese girl and did some puzzles.

Practically a half day of work on Friday – I was finished by 2pm. Cy wrote up my contract, so I’m here until the 6th of May. I think I’ll stay until then, then go to Wellington and tour the South Island, then get another job for June and July, then tour the parts of the North Island I’ve missed. I’m thinking of ditching Tahiti, and getting a flight to west coast USA, doing a tour over there, flying to NYC, and meeting up with Cameron if it makes it, or alternatively doing a tour on the east coast. But nothing is sorted yet, which I hate since I plan everything down to minute details! Sky went out in my room and when I told Cy, it turns out it had gone off everywhere, so he rebooted the system, and now only Sky Movies 1 is missing. Freddy moved into my room today – she’s here to do painting on the new upgraded motel rooms. She’s only in there for the weekend though. Good thing since I’ve filled all the drawers and space with my stuff! Freddy was in bed early so I went over to the communal TV room, read a bit, did some puzzles, watched some TV, and shared a bottle of wine with Cy and the Japanese girl.


  1. Hi Francesca
    Glad to hear from you again,glad to hear you’re back working,sounds ok, and you’ll feel more at home now you’ve got scenery that resembles Wales,enjoy yourself,
    Nain xx

  2. Remember to take some pics of where you’re working and some of the people too then we can visualise where you are.
    If you gte a chance look up Hotel Palomar, Washington DC – bit swanky for me!

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