Bloody internet. I’ve already written and saved this post once, but apparently Blogger doesn’t remember that! So here we go again.

Sunday should’ve been my second day off but we’re really busy so Cy asked me to work as well as Marion. I was finished by 4pm, and spent the late afternoon and evening reading and doing puzzles. Exciting huh?! Cy told me about a local bar that is after staff if I want evening work. Cy’s brother Zeus is going out with the manager Ange.

On Monday I worked until 3pm. I was asked to vacuum and mop the kitchen of the flat (where Cy, Zeus and their Dad live). Kinda reminded me of clearing up Dad’s kitchen! I went to the petrol station for milk and a few other things, then headed down to Basekamp to see Ange about this job. She’s going to drop a roster off for me.

Tuesday I worked until around 3.30pm. I checked my emails after I’d finished. One from Rhianwen saying she might be heading this way. I told her not to hurry since the weather is so crap. It would be nice to see someone I know though!

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