Thursday. Another very cold day. So glad my room has underfloor heating. Unfortunately the communal area of the building doesn’t, and its a huge room with lots of windows, so gets really cold! I worked until 3.15pm, and had a few extra duties since we weren’t that busy last night. I had my first “condom wrapper in the rubbish bin” incident! Not in a hurry for that to happen again! Ange dropped my contract and roster off. I start on Saturday at 6pm, and I’m doing Tuesday to Saturday nights next week (just like home!). I also started trying to wade through all the material to organise my trip, deciding where to go and where to miss out, and which bus is cheapest and best.

I got on Friday to watch the second innings of England v New Zealand. But we’re a day ahead of the Caribbean here, so it’s not on until tomorrow morning. There was very little cleaning to be done – I was finished by 1.30pm. I managed to eat lunch at lunchtime! The weather cleared up a bit in the afternoon, so I walked to The Station Cafe, mostly to get out, get a bit of fresh air, and see something other than the lodge! I was very bad though – I had two cakes! When I got back, the highlights of Ireland v Zimbabwe were on the TV. What a spectacular draw! I’m so happy for Ireland.

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