So I watched the cricket. And England lost which is crap. But they have a new cute bowler, Liam Plunkett, which is good. Spent the rest of the morning doing fun stuff like plucking my eyebrows (I can see my eyelids now!) and straightening my hair.

I did some more research for my NZ trip, and generally lounged around all afternoon. I watched a programme about soldiers from Iraq suffering Traumatic Brain Injury. Whenever I hear about soldiers injured in wars, I always think of legs and arms being broken or shot. It doesn’t really occur to me that people survive shots or shrapnel to the head, but their quality of life plummets. We always focus on how many die.

I started work in Schnapps at 6pm. It only occurred to me earlier today that not only is it Saturday, it’s also St Paddy’s. So I walk through the door and get a bright green Guinness t-shirt and a name tag. Ange thought I was Irish and all the staff thought it was great that they had a real Irish girl working St Paddy’s. Lots of jokes ensued when they found out that I was in fact Welsh.

It was fairly quiet though – one of the other places in town had an auction tonight. I was finished by 10pm. The system is quite easy: people come up to order their food and get given a table number, and people have to come to the bar for drinks. Staff only take meals to the tables and clear tables. Getting used to the tills will take some time, as well as the different drinks that people order. Aside from Guinness, all the other tap beers are kiwi makes. And they serve everything in a mug, but it’s not quite a pint. And their spirit measures are weird too – haven’t figured them out yet!

When I got back I realised Freddy had moved out of our little room, into the lodge (which was always the plan, but originally she was only going to be in my room for the weekend). I’m glad to have some privacy back. I was starting to miss having my own space.

I’m not ready to go home, but I miss my own space, my own routine, and my usual surroundings. Sure, I’d just be working or watching TV or on the internet. And Denbigh and the local area isn’t that exciting. But it’s familiar. I think it would be easier in a bigger town with more to do, and the weather certainly isn’t helping. Hopefully this second job will help, keeping me busy in the evenings.


  1. Dear Francesca,
    We visited Taupo very briefly on our travels to NZ( we were only in NZ for 2 weeks unfortunately).
    When you’re back in Denbigh on March 17th next year and for many years to come you will remember where you celebrated St. Patrick’s day in 2007!!
    You must be going into the autumn now and I wouldn’t like all the rain and chilly weather either. Even though we’ve just had the first day of spring we’ve had snow, hail, sleet etc etc this week

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