Monday. Worked until 3.30pm, but I took a lunch break for 20 minutes today. Cy crept up behind me while I was vacuuming and scared the life out of me. He found it hilarious. I clobbered him with the vacuum. I watched the cricket highlights – England v Canada. They didn’t play that well but they won. Went to Eivin’s Cafe up the road and had carrot cake and a coffee. Watched Being John Malkovich and A Few Good Men. Fun day hey?

Tuesday. Chelsea v Spurs, FA Cup qualifier was on TV while I was having breakfast. Only watched the first half but later found out that Chelsea won. Yey! So work today. I was the Special Task Force. The first two motel units have finished being upgraded and my job for the day was to give them both really good cleans. It took me all day, and I still couldn’t do the bathrooms (even if I did have time) because all the furniture was in them. I started work in Schnapps at 6pm. Didn’t really have much work to do, and I’m feeling guilty about being paid for standing around. But at the same time, no-one is really assigning me tasks. I was finished by 9.30pm and went back to the lodge. There’s a Domino’s Pizza ad on after Friends every day, advertising their chocolate brownies. They look really yummy, being dipped in chocolate syrup, and me and Freddy took to changing the channels before the ad came on. While Freddy was in Taupo today, she bought me a similar one and left it in my cupboard. I was very happy.

Wednesday. Special Task Force Day 2. Fridges, bathrooms, vacuum, mop. Finished by 2.30pm. Nice long break between jobs today. I went into Schnapps half an hour early and had a crumble before I started. It was so good, and very filling. They really lay on the extras, making it worth the $9 (about 3.50-4 quid). I chatted to an American girl, Gardenia, who is working at the Station Cafe. She’s from near Seattle and offered either herself or her sister as a guide when I reach there! Terrilee was off tonight, and Spud was just there if I needed him, so I felt like I earned my money tonight. I had to make a few coffees so had to teach myself how to use their machine. Not too different from ours thankfully. We were closing by 10pm.

Thursday. Back to normal duties today, and worked until about 4.30pm today. Got really annoyed with myself because it shouldn’t have taken that long. And I managed to give myself a bit of a shower while I was cleaning one of them, so I had to straighten my hair again before going to Schnapps at 6pm. Working with Ange tonight as Terrilee was off again. I asked her lots of questions, and felt like I was earning my money again. We were getting ready to close at 9.30pm, when a load of people all walked in, so it was 10.30pm when we did finish. I’m making my way through the wines with my staff drink each night. Wasn’t too fond of last night’s (Terrace View), but quite liked tonight’s (Ranchman’s Merlot).

Friday. Freddy gave me her copy of Lord of the Rings yesterday, and since I don’t particularly want to carry a 1000-page book around the South Island with me, I figured I should hurry up and finish my current book, and attempt to finish LOTR by May too! Hence, I started the day reading over breakfast. I worked until 3.30pm cleaning. I would’ve finished earlier but some people insist on using every piece of crockery in their motel unit, and leaving them on the draining board rather than putting them away. Rhianwen arrived today. She’s stopping for two nights and doing the Crossing. Can’t believe she’s been away for nearly five months. The bank situation has really been bugging me (I have an account, money is going in, but I need to go to a branch with ID before I get a card and can get money out). Today I booked a bed in Taupo and a bus to Taupo on Sunday and back on Monday, with just enough time to get to the bank. It’ll be a nice break since, between my two jobs, I haven’t had a full day off since 15th March. That’s nine days, and I’m working tomorrow and Sunday. I went to the Station Cafe for an hour before Schnapps. Yummy chocolate brownie! Schanpps was really quiet when I got there at 6pm, but got really busy. We did 98 meals, with only me and Terrilee out front, two chefs and one kitchen porter/sweets chef. A lot of people left as soon as the rugby was finished, and the rest cleared out fairly quickly, so we were finished by 11.30pm.

Saturday. I couldn’t sleep properly last night, so I ended up sat on the porch reading from 7am. I worked until 3pm. Cy forgot to ask Marion to work as well, so I had lots to do alone, but he asked her to make the beds so I didn’t have to. Some fool put broken glass in the rubbish without wrapping it in anything, and I cut my leg on it. After work I went on the internet quickly. Scotty’s (the place I stayed in Mission Beach) emailed thanking me for leaving a review on the HostelWorld website. That put a smile on my face! I was going to go to Eivin’s for carrot cake, but it was closed, so I found myself down at the Station Cafe again. Really greedy today – chocolate cake and a chocolate brownie! In Schnapps by 6pm. Me, Terrilee and Ange out front tonight. I was food runner and clearing tables. It was really busy, but I finished first, at 9.45pm. I met a few new locals, and had a few drinks and a chat with them. Nuts and Honky (staff) came in for drinks, then we all went to the National Park Hotel since Schnapps was quietening down. We had to go via the lodge so I could get money, and we picked Zues up on the way. Good thing we were in an estate since there was now seven of us! I only stayed for one since I’d already had three glasses of wine and can’t hold my drink anymore. But it was really good fun. It reminded me of being in Juliets or some other small-town place where everyone knows everyone. Even I had already met about half the people in there!

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