Tuesday. Worked until 3pm. Did my laundry. Spent the evening watching TV and reading. Freddy’s mum was upset when she called home because she hadn’t told anyone here that it was her birthday. Her mum made her promise she would tell someone, so she told me. I said I knew what it was like to be on the other side of the world and have no-one know it was your birthday, so I was glad she told me.

Wednesday. Day off. Had to get out of bed at 10am because it was raining and my washing was on the line. But I climbed back into bed and read for a while anyway. I spent the rest of the day going through the Lonely Planet, trying to determine where I would be going and how long I’d need in each place. Worked in Schnapps in the evening. Not hugely busy. Freddy and Marion came down for a couple of drinks, but they left before I’d finished, so I had a drink with the guys before Ray drove me home.

Thursday. Finished cleaning by 1.30pm today, and I was dragging it out. I watched The Wedding Crashers in the afternoon, ate far too much of the fudge I bought in Taupo, and did more trip-planning. I phoned Qantas to change my flights – I’m now leaving New Zealand on the 17th August, and flying to Los Angeles. In Schnapps in the evening. Not busy, but a lot of the locals came in later and were getting merry, Spud (the boss) included. I didn’t finish til around 12, but it was fun. Spud loves me (mostly for me dancing to U2 behind the bar), and reckons I’ve got to be here in winter. Rick gave me a lift home around 1am, and I slipped on the wet floor as I walked to my door. Landed on my elbow and it really really hurt!

Friday. No-one had checked out by 9am, so I didn’t start work until 10am. One guy decided the no-smoking rules didn’t apply in the motel bathrooms and the place stank. Worked until 4pm, showered and read a bit before Schnapps. It was pretty quiet so I was finished by 9.30pm, and had a few drinks with Dhruv. I was back home by 12, and put the TV on waiting for the cricket, but fell asleep until 2am, when I decided it was best just to switch it off and go to bed!

Saturday. Worked 9am to 3pm. One couple apparently emptied all their rubbish with us before moving on. But it was too much effort to take their eight plastic bottles to the recycling box in the kitchen, so they left them for me in the room. This is the same couple who reversed their car 20 yards to load their rucksacks in, and insisted on filling the kettle to the top only to use one cup of water. And it wouldn’t surprise me if it was one of them who cut their hair in the bathroom, or stuffed a whole apple down the in-sink-erator only for me to have to fish it out later. On the plus side, it appears the guys have a very cute cat which sat in the lounge all day today. And Spud found an article on the web about Llanelli rugby team getting through to the European finals. And I went to a house party after Schnapps and people recognised me!

Sunday. Struggled to wake up this morning, so I was quite grateful that I didn’t need to start work until 10am. There was absolutely no-one here, so I got through all the cleaning undisturbed until 3pm, when the guests started arriving, as if on cue! Found out the cat is called Snotty. You can tell boys named her can’t you?! Schnapps was fairly average. Dhruv asked if I wanted to go to Ohakune on my night off for pizza. We had the IRB sevens on the TV, and Wales did great to beat Argentina. Gonna have to start following sevens! Left around 11.15pm, and walked home. Dhruv was in Eivins and invited me for a drink. After about an hour he insisted on walking me home (100 yards away!) and decided to tell me that I was the reason he’d been in Schnapps for four nights running. Flattered, but just not interested. And very sneaky of him to tell me that after asking if I wanted to go to Ohakune!

Monday. Even less to do today than yesterday, but I had builders and electricians in my way, so had a 90 minute lunch break. Started a new book – Isaac Asimov’s Second Foundation. Having to read some paragraphs twice! Schnapps was average again, but Kyla (who works in Mt Ruapehu) got promoted today, so she was celebrating with some friends and a few bottles of bubbly. I had pizza for my dinner because they had some left over in Basekamp (Spud’s other restaurant). It was delicious, but I ate it way too fast! Kyla invited me to celebrate with her, and Spud was talking about winter again. He wants me to come back for three months, but I can only do two. Need to talk about it when we’re both sober though!

Tuesday. The next two upgraded motel units were ready for the Special task Force today, but Cy got Freddy onto that, so I just had to do the lodge. I’m getting really fed up of people’s lack of common sense and manners. Simple things like putting pans and crockery back in the right place, or getting mud all over the bathroom within hours of it being cleaned. Some people just shouldn’t be allowed out in public. In Schnapps, all of about 10 people came in. I was all finished with the bar closed down and doors locked by 9.30pm. When I got back to the lodge, Cy was struggling with his new website. I tried solving the problems, but only managed to half solve it.

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  1. Do you actually know anyone with a normal name?? It sounds as though you’re having some fun in between dealing with people’s personal habits so keep at it and enjoy yourself.

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