Thursday. Started at 10am, and finished by 3pm. Watched Ocean’s Twelve, then in Schnapps by 6pm. Not busy but kept myself amused. Felt much better today than yesterday. There was a local business meeting in the back room which Spud and Ange were both in. Since no-one had cashed up the tills, I stuck around until they were done. Not all bad – watched CSI and had ice cream!

Friday. Seemed to motor through cleaning today. Then spent the rest of my afternoon/evening watching Scream, going to the shop, watching Madagascar, the end of Scream 2 and all of Scream 3. Also read some too. Dad text me today, and I tried calling him and Nain in the evening, but no reply at either.

Saturday. Woke up late today, just in time for work. Lots of rooms to clean, and more twats leaving their washing up for me. Zeus said he would make the beds today, but seemingly got bored after one, so I had to motor through the rest before people tried checking in. We had a DJ on in Schnapps tonight – local guy. I worked until 12 – Ange signed me off first because I was starting earliest in the morning. Chatted to Kyla for a while after finishing though, and home by 12.45am. Tried phoning Dad again – still no answer. Got Nain this time though, so chatted to her until about 1.30am.
Been feeling really homesick today. Don’t know if it was the text from Dad that set it off, or not being able to get in touch with anyone yesterday, or whatever. But homesick. I miss family, friends, work, home, Denbigh, my car (RIP), my independence, my clothes, not having to clear up after people, not being stuck in the middle of nowhere, not worrying about money so much, my computer, my internet, dogs, horses, locals, familiarity.

Sunday. Another morning of not being able to wake up. Finished by 1.30pm today though, so I went down to The Station for lunch. Toasted sandwich with Brie, tomato and avocado – delicious! And then a huge slice of carrot cake (yes, I’m getting fat!). I finished Isaac Asimov, which although confusing, is still very clever. I’ve now started Deception Point. Watched Casanova when I got back – didn’t recognise Sienna Miller. Then went on the internet, and then CSI. Tried phoning Dad again, but still no reply. Homesickness has dissipated. I expect there’ll still be a few days over this trip where I’ll feel as bad as yesterday, but as I’m only 3 months into an 8-month trip, home still feels a long way off. Hopefully it’ll get easier after the half-way point.

Monday. Brett called through my door at 8.30am and told me to stay in bed another hour. No argument here! Still struggled to get up by 10am! Worked until 2.30pm, then spent the afternoon reading, until Schnapps. It was quiet so Ray sent Terrilee and Aaron home at 7pm. We had a bit to do after that but nothing we couldn’t handle. Had some American cowboys who’ve been over on a hunting trip. They kept calling me “ma’am”, and one said the Speights Barmaid (tall glass cylinder you fill with beer, with a beer tap at the bottom, allowing people to serve themselves) was the best thing since nuclear fission!

Tuesday. Out of bed 15 minutes before work – the earliest since Friday at least! Worked until 2pm, then had lunch and read. Switched my days off, so I’m working Wednesday and doing the crossing on Thursday. Schnapps in the evening, fairly uneventful.


  1. We all miss you too but just think about the irritating things like Eddie and Jack barking a lot and following you round the house because they think you should be doing something with them. Think as well about how your computer drives you nuts when it’s slow and how there’s nothing much to do around here. Next time you’re homesick you could try texting me or Brian as you should get one of us and then we can make sure we talk to you.

  2. Hey Fran, Cameron here just so you know that I am keeping tabs on your advetures. should have my leave sorted in the next couple of weeks, then I’ll book my flights and Car.

  3. Dear Francesca,
    Sounds as if you’ve had a tough few days with all this work and cleaning up other people’s mess. I think your allowed to get homesick now and gain . We’d be a bit worried if you didn’t miss everything your familiar with etc.
    You are doing really well, keep going.
    I am now in the 21st century as well and can text! Well whether the words end up right your end I don’t know! So I can be a back up as well if no one else about.

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