Friday. Grateful of the four-hour work day after the crossing yesterday! Spent the afternoon reading and organising my trip, after grocery shopping. Then watched TV in the evening.

Saturday. Longer day, but still fairly easy – lots of services and not many full cleans. Schnapps in the evening, which was fine until some bitchy drunk girl pissed me off. I was almost ready to start snapping back at her.

Sunday. Worked until 3.30pm and felt like I was going to throw up all day. You guys wanted to know that right?! Schnapps was easy – last customers left at 8.30pm, so we closed up and then me, Spud, Ray and Chef had a “new veggie dish/pasta dish” taste test. There were about eight different options to try. As you can imagine, I was in veggie-pasta heaven. Ray’s creation was the nicest.

Monday. Only two more weeks of work left! Cleaning only took 3 1/2 hours, and I spent the afternoon reading. I was in Schnapps until 10.45pm, but only because we didn’t have a potwasher so me and Chef had to do it between us.

Tuesday. Another short day of work, and since Freddy didn’t have much work either, we spent most of the afternoon chatting. Then we watched Shrek on DVD, and House which I haven’t seen in weeks. And Zeus came up with a new nickname for me: Frantastic!

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  1. I take it must have been feeling better and not like throwing up when you had to try out all the new veggie dishes?! Nice to know toher people appreciate you though with your new nickname.

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