Started my day with breakfast at the hotel, then I wandered along Courtenay Place and Manners Mall, one of the main pedestrian strips. I picked up a few leaflets at visitor information and had a coffee while I looked through them. Then I went to the bank and a very pleasant teller sorted out my card issues. Then I did some shopping – warm jumpers, a NZ SIM card, and decent waterproofs, since I will now be here for winter and thus need warmer clothes than I packed!

I also poked around several secondhand bookshops, and spent a a while looking for an internet cafe Freddy told me about without any luck (she’s not too great with directions!). I went to a cafe called Fidel’s for lunch. Apparently Billy Boyd and Dominic Monaghan talked about it on the LOTR DVD cuz they loved it.

Popped back to the hostel mid-afternoon and I had a message to call Ben, which I did, and we arranged to meet around 6.30pm. Spent a while on the internet before I met him, then we went up to the Mt Victoria lookout. It was pitch black up there, but great views of the city below. We then went for dinner at a little Malaysian place, and I made a big mess with my laksa. Then to Fidel’s for a drink, and then we had to pick up his friend and drop him off at the train station.

I was back at the hostel by 9pm, and wanted to watch House, but everyone in the lounge was making too much noise!

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