Yesterday I bought myself a Starbucks mug/flask, to do my bit in not wasting takeaway coffee cups. When I started this morning with a Starbucks coffee, I had to explain that I’d already paid for the mug, even though I quite obviously got it out of my bag. Anyway… topped up my phone and went on the internet for a bit.

Headed off to Te Papa Museum of NZ at 10am. Nice and early cuz everyone says you need ages there. I was bored and heading out again by 12noon. Apparently not in a very museum-y mood, which is a shame cuz there was loads there. I did see some ugly-looking fish and a 20 metre whale skeleton though.

So after that I walked along the waterfront, cut through Civil Square to Lambton Quay, and took the cable car up to the Botanic Gardens. Stopped in a different Starbucks on the way, but didn’t have to explain about the mug.

So, Botanic Gardens. I had a good, hearty walk around, and checked out the Sundial of Human Involvement (nothing sinister – you just have to stand in the right position and make a shadow), the Herb Garden, Lady Norwood Rose Garden, Begonia House, the Flame of Peace, and a Henry Moore sculpture (he gets everywhere).

I took the cable car back down, wandered around a bit, and got a crepe on my way back to the hostel. Later I spent 3 1/2 hours on the internet (I have problems!), got a cheap Chinese buffet dinner, and a Starbucks coffee and muffin (same one as this morning – had to explain again).

Whilst I wandered around yesterday and today, I haven’t been feeling the love for Wellington. Maybe it was hyped too much. Maybe I expected too much. I think I’ve been harsh though. It’s difficult to wander around cities without shopping or wanting to stop in cafes for ages, especially when the weather isn’t great. I kept trying to think why I love other cities. Mostly it comes down to shopping and entertainment. Which Wellington does have, but I’m not bothered about at the moment.

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