Phoned home again this morning: Mum’s birthday party. What a racket they were making too! And apparently Marcus was in a three-piece suit, so I can’t wait for those photos!

We left Greymouth at 8am, and it was a short, fairly uninteresting journey to Hokitika, home of jade carving. Everyone else was speeding on down to Franz Josef Glacier, but I was spending one night here. Checked into my hostel, had some breakfast, and sat around for a while.

I took a long walk along the beach, and took way too many photos of crashing waves, black sand, driftwood, colourful stones: incredibly boring, but I enjoyed it! When I reached the town again, I got a coffee at Stumpers, a big cafe bar. I took a little walk around town, then bought a jade necklace. I took another walk, then sat on the beach reading. I got a bit cold, so I went back to the hostel for a jacket and headed back a while later for sunset, but a wall of cloud had appeared, blocking out the sun!

Back at the hostel, I had some supper, read, and watched CSI.

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  1. Fantastic photos, Norman, next door has now got your blogsite up. I knew he’d really like to see the photos,and he’s enjoying reading the blog. You might even get a comment from him.Party went well and Marcus looked cute.Speak to you soon Nain

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