Sore head. Very sore.

The rest of the crowd left on the bus this morning. It was gorgeous weather – perfect for glacier-hiking – so I walked down to the booking office. There was no room on the full-day hike so I opted for the heli-hike instead. That’s when you take a 10min chopper ride around the glacier, land about halfway up, hike on the glacier for two hours, then get choppered back out again.

An hour and a half to recover from my hangover then. Went for a cooked breakfast, drank lots of water, then back at the booking office by 10.15am. We got suited and booted, looking very cool in our matching blue raincoats, and split into three groups for the helicopter.

I was in the first group and got to ride shotgun. having heard mixed reviews of helicopter rides, I was slightly nervous. Totally unnecessary though: it was awesome. So much fun! Everyone should have a go in one. Once all three groups were on the glacier, we put our ice talonz on, split into two groups and went on our hikes.

Walking on ice is really weird. You have to dig your spikes in to grip, but they don’t feel much more secure – kinda like digging your fingernails in. You get used to after a while though. You feel as though your guide doesn’t really know where he’s going, which turns out to be true because the glacier is always moving, and caves and crevasses can open and close all the time. So essentially you’re wandering around looking for points of interest.

We got to crawl through a couple of ice caves and walk through some crevasses. It also turned into a bit of ice-climbing when our guide couldn’t find an easier way through. He had a lot of confidence in us! Right near the end, he found a big ice cave. Or at least, it was big from the outside. The gap for us to get through was quite small. It was downhill, so we had to slide and shimmy a little, and we had a rope that went half way down. The hole got smaller and smaller, and near the end, I did wonder how all the others had got through. That was pretty much the end of our hike, and then we got choppered back out, changed back into our own shoes and coats, and I went back to the hostel to change out of my wet trousers.

I had lunch, then spent another afternoon on the internet. Goddamn Facebook – quite addictive! Blue Ice do a pizza and drink deal every evening, so I went there for supper. When I got back to the hostel I packed my bags up (leaving at 7.30am tomorrow), and watched some TV.

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