The accommodation in Wanaka is in a motel-type unit: six people in two bedrooms, sharing a kitchen, bathroom and living area. Unfortunately, six people makes it quite cramped. So me and Rachel were very happy when everyone else checked out this morning.

I spent the late morning on the Waterfall Creek Walk, to the left hand side of the lake (Eely Point yesterday was to the right). It was one hour each way, but I was disappointed that there was no waterfall. I did find the creek though, and it was quite pleasant, between the rocky beach and autumnal trees.

I had lunch and then said goodbye to Anna. Cecilia arrived as she was leaving, so after she had checked in, we walked up Mount Iron, just behind the town. It didn’t take too long and there were fantastic 360-degree views from the top. We stopped in Puzzling World on our way back, and got frustrated because we couldn’t figure out any that we tried.

Quick stop in the supermarket, then back to the hostel for supper, and they were showing The Island on the big screen in the TV lounge tonight. Me and Rachel have four new roommates.

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