Alex, the slightly strange Austrian, left this morning to check into the YHA. Maybe he didn’t like us, or maybe he just didn’t like being the only guy with five girls!

Stopped at a cafe for a coffee and scone and there was a Bichon there! Very cute puppy! And very familiar excitement when ‘dad’ showed up!

Basically spent the rest of the day drinking coffee in cafes and watching films. Inside Man, with Denzel Washington and Clive Owen. Alex was replaced by Ted, the spacey snowboarder “dude” from Colorado. Not the most intelligent guy in the world!

Went to Cinema Paradiso with Cecilia in the evening. It’s not like an ordinary cinema though: you sit in armchairs or on sofas, or maybe a VW Beetle, and you can bring food and alcohol in with you. You can also order food at the beginning which they have ready by the intermission. And they have homemade ice creams. Anyway, we went to see Babel, which has to be one of the most serious films I’ve ever seen. I’m not sure there was any comic relief at all. And Brad Pitt looked pretty old in it.

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  1. Maybe Ted doesn’t have to be intelligent if he’s a spacey snowboarder ‘dude!

    Glad you warned me about Babel – it doesn’t sound like my kind of film, especially not if BP looks old in it – don;t want to spoil and image.

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