I spent today on factory tours. The first was Cadbury’s. There were a couple of displays in the shop and a couple of old cars that gave it a Willy Wonka feel, but otherwise it was just a working factory. With a nice smell! I was surprised by how labour-intensive it was: a lot of the work was still done by hand. I got loads of freebies, but I couldn’t eat some because they had gelatine in, so I gave them to people in the hostel later.

After Cadbury’s was the Speight’s tour, which is the most popular beer in New Zealand. And it all started in Yorkshire! The tour was very informative, but I don’t think I took that much in. The tour guide was funny and sarcastic which made it good fun. And we got to try a couple of the beers at the end too.

After I was full of chocolate and beer, I headed over to the university bookshop and got a couple of books from the sale. I started to miss being a student too!

Back in the hostel in the evening, there was nothing on, so we watched Die Hard on DVD!

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