Mt John is right alongside Lake Tekapo, with a cafe, observatory and great views from the top. So I started today by walking up. It took about 45 minutes, and the views were great, although I wasn’t sure which mountains I was looking at!

I got up to cafe, got a coffee and cake, and sat and read the paper. I was told “good on ya” for walking up by a pensioners’ tour guide (they came up by bus), and after listening to him, I learned that I had been looking at the Southern Alps, and could even see Mt Cook. I also learnt that the part of Lake Tekapo that was originally built on was now an island, since they raised the lake for HEP purposes.

I took a few photos, had another coffee, and walked back down. I walked past the hostel and into the village, got a few photos of the church again, and then back to the hostel. I chatted to a Canadian girl who I’ve met a few times and watched some TV. Someone chose to put the Eddie Izzard DVD on later, which made me very happy! I wanted to laugh before all the jokes, but I managed to restrain myself!

I almost forgot to mention: the lady in the hostel had a Bichon puppy! He was called Olly and was very small and very cute!

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