I met Freddy at 8.30am. She had her hair tied back and big dangly earrings on! We got breakfast in Starbucks, went to a secondhand shop, and walked around lots. We went back to Starbucks and then to Whitcoulls bookshop/entertainment shop so Freddy could buy ‘House’ DVDs. Bad idea. I walked out with six DVDs.

We met Freddy’s friends Lee and Lucy at 1pm and walked over to the Arts Centre. We bought tickets for the fudge factory tour, then had a beer while we waited. Having only had breakfast five hours ago, we became very giggly!

The fudge tour was quite interesting and we got loads of samples to taste. It was quite disturbing when they tell you what goes into it though! All that sugar and cream! The tour guide spent some time in Bala, and he liked it because it reminded him of home!

After the fudge tour we decided we needed some savoury food, so went to a French brasserie. Me and Freddy then went over to the cinema, and played table hockey and whack-the-dino while we waited. I was two points off setting a new high score.

Then we watched Pirates 3. Enjoyable and good performances. But long. They maybe tried to have too much going on, and in the end, it didn’t make much sense. I think they tried too hard.

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