I slept in and missed the free breakfast! Had to eat my own cereal instead. I headed down to the whale watch office by 10am, and was glad to see it was running today.

Their bus took us to the boat at the other end of town. It was a really fast boat, so we whizzed out a few miles to where they’d seen whales earlier. Altogether we saw about five sperm whales up close, and another three or four further away. We had a bit of time left, so we were taken to see some dusky dolphins too. That was ace: there were about a hundred of them at least, all swimming by the boat, and some doing acrobats! They were totally playing up to the audience.

So I had the rest of the afternoon in town. I got some lunch in a cafe, then headed back to the hostel to pick up stuff so I could go on the internet again. Realised my dolphin CD from Akaroa is missing. Must’ve left it in Christchurch.

Anyway, spent another few hours on the internet, then went back to the hostel and spent the evening watching films.

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