I made the most of the free breakfast this morning! Then showered, packed and checked out. I still had a couple of hours until the ferry, so I left my bag in the hostel and went for a walk. I went along the Harbour View track, then down to Bob’s Bay, then back into town.

I picked up my luggage and walked down to the ferry terminal. Uneventful ferry journey. I got some photos of the sounds, had lunch, went outside again, then sat in the lounge.

I took the shuttle into Wellington and checked into Downtown Backpackers, right near the train/coach station. I walked to the supermarket to get supplies for National Park, then got a taxi back to the hostel. I picked up my internet stuff and walked back into town to Cybernomad (I still had 2 1/2 hours on my loyalty card to use).

So I spent a while on the internet, then went to Starbucks, then got a taxi back to the hostel.

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